Derry Business Builders (DBB) is a group of business professionals that get together on a regular basis to help promote and build the business of others while putting some polish on our business presentations. The group is industry exclusive—meaning only one member per industry is allowed so that you are not competing with your own members.  We originally started as part of a national networking group, but then realized that we are a bit “different” than those other groups.  We didn’t like the rigid format and formality of the other national groups.  So, we formed our own independent group.  We’ve grown from a handful of business owners and solopreneurs to a strong group that, together, generated OVER $1 MILLION in revenue during the tough, pandemic year of 2020.  The common element among the group is that we all follow the same “heart-centered” philosophy of doing the right thing for our customers and our business partners.  It’s not just about the money.

There is a quarterly fee to be part of our group because we believe you need to have some skin in the game.  There’s no long term commitment.  In fact, we also have a philanthropic side and generously donate our fees to non-profit organizations that serve our communities, such as the Upper Room, food banks, YMCA.

If the thought of “networking” or giving your sales pitch gives you a sinking feeling in your stomach or if you are just a shy person, then you’ve found the right group.  Derry Business Builders members like to have fun, develop comradery and friendships all while doing business together.



“We’re fun, friendly and do serious business.”

Our members embrace the Go-Giving culture taken from the best selling book, the Go-Giver, written by Bob Burg an John David Mann.  The culture of reciprocity is why we sell more and have more fun doing it.

You will experience a purposeful agenda that is geared toward giving an receiving referrals.  We get a lot done

You are not fined for being late or for not giving a referral each week or missing a meeting.  There is no pressure to make referrals.  So, the quality of the referral is better.

Our absence policy is understanding.  You can use a substitute if you have to miss a meeting.  You are allowed to miss a meeting once a month.

Everyone kicks in to help build the group and increase referrals.

We have a philanthropic philosophy and donate the majority of our membership monies to local charities.